About Us

Escape into a world-class manga and a fun anime lovers' community with Saiba Gang. We offer one of the richest stories in the metaverse and the premier manga on the Solana blockchain.

Solana is environmentally friendly and has negligible transaction fees, making it the top choice for our community. It is also a top-five marketcap blockchain with incredible speed and performance. However, we believe the future is cross-chain!

Join our community to participate in the storytelling and world-building and earn rewards (including NFTs!) for participating in the community! You can also tell your own Saiba's story and get paid to publish it on our website! We believe in the importance of community and in making crypto accessible to all.

Together, with our community, Saiba Gang is creating one of the most badass manga out there.


Begin Building the Saiba Gang Community

Begin establishing a strong Saiba Gang community organically. We want to draw people to the project with our art, and then we want to hook them with our vision, team, and potential. Lore details being crafted by our loremaster, who is a published fantasy author, will be continually announced in the weeks leading up to launch.

Lore Prompts

The Saiba Gang community will be given weekly prompts of lore topics to write in what they think would make a good addition to the Saiba Gang universe. Our team will curate answers, and give the community a vote on which answers to the prompt they like the best. The winner’s response will be officially made canon in the Saiba Gang lore. The member who submitted the answer will be recognized for their addition to the Saiba Gang story, and rewarded.

Mint Launch

We will be minting 4,444 Saibas. The mint price will be 0.88 sol. The Saiba Gang technical team includes @levicook and @ExiledApes, who are both accomplished technical minds in the Solana space.

Establish a Community Fund

Immediately after the project launches, we will be contributing 20% of royalties from NFT sales into a community wallet.

Season One

Saiba Gang Hideouts

One of the first loreprompts given to the community was to establish the bases of each division of the Saiba Gang. From those descriptions that the community decided on, the team would create NFT art representing those hideouts. A free mint was then given to the community.

Saiba Gang Manga Series

The ultimate goal of this project is to create an awesome manga series revolving around the Saiba Gang universe. Our initial goal is to release the first episode on Webtoons in mid January, and then have biweekly releases of the manga going forward.

Kaze Collective Drop

The evil force that occupies Wintermoon City is known as the Kaze Collective. As we flesh out the details of the Kaze Collective as a community, we will begin working on a collection of Kaze Collective members. We are planning to drop the Kaze at the end of Q1 2022. This introduction of the Kaze Collective will be a fun division within the community where we plan on having interactions between holders of both collections. We will introduce burn mechanics of current Saiba Gang NFTs to deflate the supply, and give holders the opportunity to earn free Kaze NFTs. Are you team Saiba, or team Kaze?

How to Buy

Saiba Gang NFTs are held on the Solana blockchain. A huge benefit to that is that it is extremely user friendly to get started getting your first Solana NFT compared to other ecosystems!

Your first step is to get a wallet. “Wallets” let a user hold cryptocurrency and NFTs. In the Solana ecosystem, the preferred wallet is the Phantom wallet. To create your first wallet, visit https://phantom.app/ and follow the instructions to add the wallet to your browser. Help for that can be found at this link.

Once you are finished creating your wallet, and you have all of your wallet details written down and stored in a secure location, you are ready to add some SOL to your wallet. The easiest way to do this is to send SOL from your preferred cryptocurrency exchange, like Coinbase, to the wallet address that you have just created. You can see a detailed guide here.

Now that you've added SOL to your wallet, you are ready to purchase some NFTs!

At this moment, the preferred marketplace is Magic Eden. The founders are a great group of developers, and they have proven themselves to be hard working and reliable. You can visit their website. Once on their site, connect your Phantom wallet.

To buy a Saiba Gang, you can simply search for us on Magic Eden, or follow this link to find our project.

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